Top Food Trends for 2018!







2018 is here and it looks to be another big year for exciting food trends. Asda have done some research and come up with these tasty favourites!


All things Korean

Korean food has been on the rise for the past few years and, in 2018, it’s almost certain to take the spotlight. Dishes like kimchi and galbi are now universally popular and chefs are using Korean flavours in classic dishes like fried chicken and barbecue burritos

Homemade dried fruit

Forget smoothies and juices. There’s a new way to make sure you reach your 5 a day and it’s by eating your own, homemade, dried fruit. Thought apricots where the only fruit you could dry? Think again. From grapes to kiwis and apples to pineapples, there’s a whole host of fruits that taste even better when they’re dried.

Fermented food

Supposedly beneficial for your gut, fermented foods like sauerkraut are made by steeping vegetables in salt water or preferably their own juice, which allows for the growth of bacteria. The result is that famous sour, pickled taste that goes so well with meats and rich flavours.


Floral Infusion

Thanks to all those creative chefs on top cookery shows and Instagram, floral cuisine is blooming.

Edible petals are adding cute colour and a subtly sweet taste to everything from cakes to salads – and the trend is set to flourish. Planning a party?

Retro drinks

The last couple of years have been all about gin, as stats show we consumed the equivalent of 1.12 billion G&Ts between 2016-17. But 2018 is going to see the revival of a few more of our old favourites tipples. From martinis to Campari – retro cocktails are back with a bang and we’re not complaining!


Crunch time

Classic potato crisps are being ousted by tasty puffed-up nibbles made from other vegetables, grains and pulses,” explains Mark. “Many are lower in sugar and fat, a source of protein and fibre, and air-popped or baked, so they’re often healthier than traditional fried snacks.