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Costa Coffee – Opening Friday 27th March

We’re the nation’s favourite coffee shop, and yet another step closer to a world where bland, average coffee is consigned to history.

Coffee is an art, and our baristas are artisans – learn about the passion and precision that goes into each cup.

  • A coffee obsession often starts with the latte. Smooth and creamy, it combines the subtle strength of espresso with freshly steamed milk.
  • The velvet smooth Flat White – This one is the barista’s pride and joy. It’s rich, full flavoured coffee with a velvet smooth texture that’s finished with the perfect florette.
  • Created using our signature Mocha Italia Espresso, lengthened with hot water to give a smooth finish. Enjoy the classic Americano straight up or add a splash of milk
  • Our classic cappuccino is a warm blanket of silky milk with a smooth espresso and dusting of chocolate. It’s the frothiest of coffees – and if you want even frothier, just ask your barista.
  • Our short, dark, handsome hero is the heartbeat of all Costa Coffees. It’s an elegant simple shot of Espresso with the wonderful aroma of warm toast.
Look out for more information about the offical launch of the latest Costa Coffee at One Stop Shopping.