EE Customers Bag Live Sport

This summer is a sporting sensation… but keeping up isn’t always easy!
Luckily, EE has teamed up with the BT Sport app, scoring its loyal customers six months of free sport. Don’t miss another match with this easy-to-use app that was made for being out and about with you – turning your personal screen into the ultimate sports screen.
Ever wanted to be in two places at once? Now you can be! Enjoy the stadium and the race track at the same time – from the comfort of your own living-room. BT ID lets your stream on two EE SIM devices at once, meaning you can catch the match on your phone while watching the racing on your tablet.

Forget the fear of finding out the score from someone else and see it yourself. Now you can always be up to speed with the latest sport action wherever you are.


Head in-store today and find out more about how you can catch every goal, try, putt an hurdle this summer.